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Art Therapy and Creative Consultation

Faye Kennelly M.A., ATR, LPC

Renaissance: noun

  • A revival of or renewed interest in something.


Renaissance as renewal, as re-emergence or reawakening. In therapy, there are many small re-awakenings, the art will serve as tangible evidence of your own personal renaissance. 

Hi, my name is Faye, I offer virtual art therapy sessions. 

I believe art is a language everyone once spoke fluently- an innate ability we all possess. Art is the central force of our work together and we continue to remain open and curious about what story it may reveal.

Feelings mini book .jpg

-Art and Fear

Art is like beginning a sentence before you know the ending. You need to give yourself room to respond authentically, both to your subject matter and to your materials.


And how it heals

Art making serves as a catalyst to connect to your body on a deeper level. I believe it is intrinsically healing and revealing. In our work together, I hope that you will discover, the artwork always finds a way to amplify your voice, and connect you to your body. I sincerely feel humbled to guide you toward honoring your intuition and uncover your power.

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