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Clinical Art Therapy and Creative Consultation

Finding what you need 


Individual Clinical Art Therapy 

     Maybe you've tried more traditional methods of psychotherapy, often art-making can be a catalyst to uncover what can't be accessed with words. It is my hope that the art therapy space will feel safe and inviting in order for you to feel comfortable accessing stuck or buried feelings. We can work together to help your intuition lead the way toward a more free and embodied therapeutic experience. 



      Maybe you and your partner are having communication woes, perhaps there's an intimacy divide, children, work stress poly relationships and metamour drama, family care is a lot to manage! There are so many reasons to seek coupled counseling. Creating art alongside your partner(s) helps to increase playfulness and invention. Here you can utilize the art to build curiosity, allow it to become the universal language which can reveal what verbal language may not be able to access.


Creative Consultation 

The Creative Reset Program offers an individualized, non clinical, creative consultation for folks who are hoping to reinvigorate their creative practice. 


How is it different from Art Therapy?

The CRP focuses on bolstering creativity and artistic pursuits through curated prompts and directives based on your self identified goals. CRP does not delve into emotional states, trauma history nor do we attempt to decipher or interpret the art product and underlying meanings. I do offer critique and constructive feedback. 

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